We are a best friend, owned + operated boutique located in Fredericksburg, T E X A S

We left the city life to enjoy the town that has meant so much to us growing up.

We put our dreams, experience, + l o v e for fashion in to reality. We hope you enjoy!

New Arrivals

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b o h o, but make it y o u.

We offer a wide range of styles.

From your everyday b o h o babe, f r e e + easy mama, timeless + classic working woman to your fun and chic fashionista.

D A R E to be Y O U.

  • L U X E C O L L E C T I O N

    This collection is our l u x e brands. Perfectly picked + curated for the woman who loves quality fabrics, classic styles, + desires a timeless wardrobe.

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  • J E W E L R Y

    This collection is beautiful hand-picked items from vendors like

    Beljoy, Michelle McDowell, Tweet & Peep, Nickel & Suede, + m o r e…

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  • S H O E S

    This collection makes you s t e p with a purpose! Never miss a good shoe moment. A compliment to every style. Always say y e s to the shoes!

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  • F I N D U S

    We are located at the intersection of

    San Antonio + S Lincoln

    108 S Lincoln Ste. 200